“Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry”

March 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow, exactly one year ago, Wayne and I moved into our first place. Our first place. Our. Oh yes, I was dizzy with happiness over that one word: our. That word also made me overly ambitious because for the months before we moved in, when I was still scouring Craigslist ads, I was looking at paint swatches, wall decor, and furniture. I even looked into various temporary wallpapers even though I knew it was expensive, a hassle to put up, and a pain to take down when we move out. Before we moved into our apartment, we bought a shower curtain of  the silhouette of a man in love* hanging from a lamp post with an umbrella in the rain, several small picture frames that were shaped like Polaroids, and Ork posters of Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Washington DC that displayed various neighborhoods of each city with typography. Each city has a special meaning in our relationship. Wayne and I visited Los Angeles to celebrate our first month together and to introduce him to my friends since I was so excited and wanted them to meet him. We visited New York City for our three months celebration. But, Washington DC is especially special since we met, fell in love, and live in the suburbs of Washington DC, and our first date was in DC. We’re planning on adding San Francisco after we travel there for our two year anniversary.

Unfortunately,  the exhaustion from packing, moving, and immediately unpacking made us lose our steam to decorate, and it’s kind of hard to deny our true lazy selves. The only thing we put up was the shower curtain, and we kind of needed to do that. We stared at the empty, white walls and thought, okay, next month we’ll buy the frames for the posters and print out the photographs to place in the Polaroid frames. Unfortunately, one year later, the only thing that hangs from our walls is a single red rose that is being hung upside down to dry it out properly.

BUT. No more. Wayne and I promised that we would finish attempting to decorate our place this spring…Or at least put up the posters. And I know we’ll at least put up the Ork posters, because I really want to add these prints to our walls as well, but I can’t in good conscience without finishing what we sort of started last year:

Artist: Shelli Dorfe; her etsy; her blog

I love these prints. They’re so happy and whimsical. My favorite print has always been the first print, “Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry”. I found the print through Cheng about a year ago, and I remember I burst out laughing when I saw it. I can’t remember if I was having a gloomy day — gloomy days aren’t meant to be remembered, anyway– but if I was, I know that seeing this print would have cheered me up.

I really don’t know where I will place them, but I’m okay with that because nothing in this apartment really makes sense except that they were picked and placed purely based on mine and Wayne’s mood, and I’m hoping that reasoning somehow brings everything together.



* I only know this because I watched “Singing in the Rain”, and the shower curtain references a specific scene where Gene Kelly is in so much love after saying goodnight to Debbie Reynolds that he tap dances and sings in the rain. He starts off the number while hanging from a lamp post, however, in the movie, the umbrella is closed. Please watch this wonderful scene here.


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