Ten things that make me incredibly happy

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Please notice that I didn’t include Trader Joe’s or macarons, because I’ve written about my love for them and how happy they make me many, many times that I thought maybe I should stop writing about them for a while. Or at least for the rest of this entry. So perhaps this entry should actually be titled: 10 things that make me incredibly happy (that aren’t Trader Joe’s or macarons).

1. Yellow roses in repurposed glass jars, wine bottles, and drinking glasses (such as wine or champagne glasses) as unorthodox vases
2. Reading used books that have been dog-eared and marked up with highlighter and little notes on the side
3. Brightly colored old  townhouses, especially the ones in San Francisco and Georgetown
4. Walking down the small corridor that connects the gate at an airport and the airplane
5. Walking into Daikokuya (Little Tokyo, LA) or Café Bonaparte (Georgetown, DC) and being immediately seated
6. Wearing two different nail polish colors at the same time; the left hand has one color and the right hand has a different but matching color
7. Walking up and down the aisles of Asian supermarkets and buying all the ingredients and foods I thought were really strange when I was young and accompanying my mom
8. My unique way of eating ice cream, sorbets, and gelatos, which is to shave off thin layers with my spoon while keeping the surface level as I eat—I love starting off along the edges and moving in a spiral path inward
9. Weekly dinners with my family (and seeing Wayne get along really well with my younger brother)
10. Getting to be the little spoon

This post was inspired by the very lovely, smile-inducing here’s-to-happiness section of one of my favorite blogs, the RockStar Diaries.


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