Trogdor and Benjumo

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

On names for our future pets, at least the ones we know we definitely don’t want:

Jenny: Aww, and if Christina visits next winter, there’ll be FOUR Li-Zhengs waiting for her. Trogdor (cat) and Benjumo (dog)!
Wayne: …Seriously?
Jenny: Yeah…No, seriously, we can’t use those names.
Wayne: I agree.

Here’s some context:

Trogdor is the unfortunate name of an adorable, snuggly orange tabby cat I found on Petfinder but I was not able to adopt him at the time. Benjumo is the mash up of all the male names of the Shiba Inus Wayne likes. He was creating different combinations of syllables from the different names, and, for some reason, he took a fancy to this name, and it stuck.

For the past couple of months, Wayne and I have been jokingly referring to our future orange tabby cat as “Trogdor” and our future Shiba Inu puppy as “Benjumo” to tease each other because, while we think both names are really horrible, ugly-sounding names for pets, one of us tends to hate one of the names more than the other person.  Wayne is amused at how horrified I am and whiney I become at the possibility that our sweet, adorable puppy would be named Benjumo. I am amused by the pained look on Wayne’s face when I thunderously proclaim, “TROGDOR!!” in reference to our future orange tabby cat. Unfortunately, through repetition of the jokes, those two names have come to represent our nameless future orange tabby cat and Shiba Inu puppy. We were only half-serious when we suggest the two names, and we’ve never said the two names together before; I guess because we had an unspoken agreement that those two names would sound absolutely ridiculous together, especially since the names sound pretty ridiculous alone.


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