Nutella Cupcakes for Christina

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wayne’s younger sister, Christina, is visiting us for the weekend! To celebrate her visit, I baked some Nutella cupcakes because she mentioned last summer that she loves Nutella. I followed the Nutella cupcakes recipe from Handle the Heat blog exactly so I won’t re-post the recipe. I was so excited to use the kitty cupcake decorations Wynee gave me as my birthday gift. The decorations were so adorable that I wanted to save them to use for a very special occasion, and I wasn’t sure what until Christina told Wayne she was coming to visit. They’re perfect match for her because she loves cats and the grey striped kitty cake toppers I used reminded me of Wayne’s and Christina’s family cat, Mika, who is the sweetest, snuggley-est cat I’ve met.

In other news, our apartment looks so clean! I can say with 100% confidence that if Wayne’s family didn’t visit us, our apartment would only be cleaned once a year when we do our spring cleaning. My mom knows how dirty her daughter can be; that’s why we always just visit her. And for her homecooked Chinese food, which I did not appreciate until after I left for college. Now, I always get so excited on days we have our weekly family dinner with my mom and brother.

Yay! I love family.


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