Chunky, bold, and full of personality

March 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

It always feels as if I’m colorblind during each winter, and it isn’t until spring that I start seeing color. And that color, it’s so heavily saturated that all the colors are deeply hued and rich. I love this time each year because I see the world as if everything is a scene from my favorite cancelled show, “Pushing Daisies“. Everything just feels more whimsical and lovely. And I get a little hungry for pie.

Oddly, this time, it has heavily manifested in necklaces; specifically, chunky necklaces. Chunky necklaces that I’ve never paid any attention to before and, instead, always opting for the demure, delicate single silver strand with a small pendant hanging from it. Now I have been looking for chunky necklaces with bright or rich color that have a sweet, summery, earthy characteristic to them. Chunky necklaces that are bold statements but not flashy, as if they have better things to do than shine like the flashing lights at a nightclub. No, they’re much too busy having brunch and sipping on strawberry lemonade or shopping at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and smelling in-season peaches and nectarines.

1. Sweet Drops Necklace, $38, at Anthropologie

2. Carnelian Nugget Necklace with Flower, $45, at Etsy

3. June Necklace, $32, at Mayfly Designs

4. Lucy Necklace, $52, at Mayfly Designs

5. Unearthed Necklace, $38, at Anthropologie

6. Crackled Faux Stone Necklace, $6.80, at Forever 21


§ One Response to Chunky, bold, and full of personality

  • jadetaia says:

    I completely agree with you on the Spring-in-Color thing. Winter feels bare to me, but spring is so colorful it makes my teeth hurt sometimes. And, while I’m not a necklace person, I’m going with colors and bold statements in earrings. Is it bad that I love Forever21 for having the cheapest earrings ever (even though they’re probably slowly giving me lead poisoning)?

    Also, love reading your posts. I may start stalking your blog now. 🙂 Mine is on hiatus; too busy to make good posts.

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