Frozen Chicken

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was kind of my fault. And by “kind of”, let’s just go with “all my fault” instead. I forgot to defrost the chicken for dinner tonight. However, Wayne rewarded me for my forgetfulness with an impromptu date of Japanese food and green tea bingsu (Korean shaved ice). Yay for sweet boyfriend!

We’ve been very diligent about eating at home for most of our meals so that now when we go out to eat, it feels special. And that’s the way it should feel, like a miniature event with the feelings of excitement and joy. When we were eating out for every lunch and a few dinners each week, eating out felt kind of mundane and routine; it felt so normal. And that didn’t feel right. Going out to eat should feel special. I didn’t feel like we appreciated how wonderful it really is to go out to try foods that I could never make at home (at least, definitely not as well) while talking and making each other laugh; just enjoying being with each other and mirroring our first dates together.

This is better, much better.


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