My Simon, my best friend

February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meet Simon.

He’s my best friend.

When I graduated from USC and moved to DC, Simon was ecstatic for my move because his seeing me would become a lot easier, and he hoped that he would see me more than the four times a year — during college, we averaged one time during winter breaks and three times during summer breaks. Instead of a $250 plane ticket and a five hour flight plus all the waiting — waiting through security, waiting to board the plane, waiting to pick up luggage from the baggage carousel — , I would be an hour and fifteen minute drive away, and he could enjoy the ride to see me in the comfort of his own car, not having to listen to his music through earphones. However, there’s still some waiting, because there is always traffic on the bridge between Maryland to Virginia, most of the time for no reason. Since his best guy friend lives around fifteen minutes away from me even before I moved here, Simon has been somewhat used to the drive. But even still, it says a lot when he will drive so far just to have lunch with me and be my shopping buddy even though we spend most of the time just walking around the mall and window shopping instead. Unfortunately, because of our schedules and our lack of planning, we still have ended up only seeing each other about four times a year– once a quarter, it seems.

He’s been my best friend since sophomore year of high school, and he’s still around even after putting up with being friends with me during a time when I was irresponsible, flakey, and mistreating him. Honestly, he shouldn’t be around. I was a horrible friend. But he stuck around, and, for that, I’m extremely grateful. He’s earned the title of “Best Friend”.


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