Man-made Rainbow

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was overcast today. And rainy. And then suddenly sunny. And suddenly overcast, again. And rainy, again. It was windy throughout so I’m glad there was some consistency. The weather couldn’t make up its mind as if it were preparing for a first date with a hot weatherman who the weather knows is way out of its league and is still in disbelief that hot weatherman took notice. Should the weather attempt to be sultry and seductive with a decent amount of pout (overcast with a little thunder perhaps?) or bright and cheery with the girl-next-door look (sunny and some gentle breezes). If the weather had a closet, it would be a mess with precipitation and lipstick strewn everywhere.

But, the reason why today was lovely:

Man-made rainbow on a cloudy, rainy day

Wayne and the boys tried a new location for lunch, and I found a pastry shop, Pastry Xpo, that also sold macarons (and good vanilla lattes)! Pastry Xpo seems to be more well known for its cupcakes and other pastries, which all looked drool-triggering delectable. I’m always delighted when I find a place that sells macarons. I loved the texture of their macarons; the macarons had a crisp shell that cracked and collapsed inward with each bite into a deliciously chewy and soft meringue interior.  The flavors were a little lacking in vibrancy. While I could differentiate between the flavors of each cookie, the flavors tasted faint and subdued compared to Michel’s Patisserie. The pistachio didn’t really taste like pistachio; the vanilla didn’t really taste like vanilla. The cookies tasted very similar but the fillings tasted more like their designated flavors, but the flavor was not intense. Usually, when I eat a very good macaron, it feels as if my mouth is suddenly over-saturated with the flavor. It’s the equivalent of watching television in black and white and suddenly being switched to color on a high-definition television.

However, I would still love to return because I loved the texture of the macarons, and while the flavors weren’t very intense, I still enjoyed them. Plus, this place is the most easily accessible place for me to get my fresh macaron fix by far.


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