This is not an iPhone ad

February 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello, I’m Jenny, and I can’t live without my iPhone*. Okay, let’s be less dramatic. I can’t live without my iPhone when I’m on a trip– even a small weekend trip to NYC, which have been starting to become more typical. But still. You have no idea how odd it is for me to hear myself admit that, because I was always under the assumption that I barely needed a cellphone, and it was only through a series of circumstances that I somehow ended up with an iPhone 3GS. I only got a cellphone in high school because my mom saw me holding my dad’s cellphone and thought the cellphone looked nicer on me. I got pressured into getting a Blackberry from my parents because they thought the Blackberry looked nicer on me than my Krzr, which, I’ll be honest, I used more as a mirror than a phone. I was switched from a Blackberry to the first generation iPhone because my boyfriend got bored of seeing me with a Blackberry and thought the iPhone, even the first generation iPhone, offered better and more functionality than a Blackberry. I switched to the iPhone 3GS so I could use this Kate Spade case:

Aren't the colorful stripes lovely?

Obviously, there’s a lot of superficiality in my electronic decisions; that is if I make any electronic decision at all since a large majority of the time it feels like the decisions were made for me while I was too busy watching the Food Network. Most of my life, I just outsource the task of researching the best fit for a certain electronic, which doesn’t always work out that well since I outsourced the project of researching and finding a replacement laptop for me to my dad. He replaced my laptop with a ThinkPad that will pretty much never die, my little tank of a laptop, Stev-e. This is because I did a lot of bad things with the previous laptop, which involved a lot of spillage and dropping. So in the sense that I can’t do harm to it, it is a good fit. While I know that iPhone is useful and convenient– and oh, God, the games; Wayne loves all the games–I typically don’t use my iPhone during the week, especially since I don’t get reception at work, and barely on the weekends since I spend most of my time with the person I’m most likely to text or call and my laptop is usually nearby. I have it with me still, but it really is just a pretty paperweight. There’s a part of me that thinks that if I were to lose it, I would just have my mom call Wayne’s phone to contact me and not bother with getting a replacement phone for a while.

But this past weekend has proven that I actually use my iPhone so much more than I thought. It was so incredibly useful, and I don’t think I could have survived walking around NYC alone without it constantly in my hand. Well, I mean, I could have, but my life would have been so much harder the past weekend. And it was already hard enough with the crazy strong winds blowing through the city and random flurries suddenly appearing, which was such a huge change to the weather since the previous day in NYC it was a sunny and warm 65F. One very important reason life would have been harder was that I would have had to learn how to properly use a map– and I even had some trouble navigating when I had an interactive map that would track my location as I was walking because I would turn left at a corner when I should have turned right. I get disoriented easily. I’m sure the spinning part of Pin the Tail on the Donkey would have been hilariously scary at childhood parties as I would never be able to find the wall or the donkey and instead wander clumsily around the room with a tiny, sharp weapon. I guess that would be better than spinning me before my attempt to hit a piñata and accidentally setting me loose on a crowd of childen with a large , wooden weapon.

Wayne and I separated on Saturday** since our agendas for the weekend didn’t really line up at all***. He and Jeff wanted to go shopping in SoHo, visit the two Flight Club locations, and spend some time in Midtown to visit the high-end stores. I wanted to go shopping SoHo, go thrift/vintage/consignment store hopping in East Village, and finish up my day in Chinatown to get a cut and color with the stylist who made me understand why some women are so loyal  to their stylists. Even though we all wanted to go shopping in SoHo, we wanted to visit different stores, with the only store in common being Uniqlo. Plus, I didn’t want to interrupt their man-date, no homo.

I found a bunch of vintage and consignment stores on Yelp before the trip to New York, so, at 11AM when most of them opened, I made a beeline– okay, drunken bee since I got a little lost a couple times and walked down the wrongs streets– to East Village where they were all clustered. I also found a couple thrift shops that weren’t on my list of stores to visit but I wandered in since I had happened upon them. Unfortunately, I think I had inflated hopes of finding spring pieces in good condition for a reasonable price. I was hoping to find pieces reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s. But I also didn’t look that hard through all the racks since I was worried about my goal of visiting all the stores and still being able to stop by the hotel to drop off my shopping bags before my hair appointment. There were a couple stores that I would like to revisit the next time I go up to visit, especially since I know that endurance and persistence is key when thrift/consignment shopping.

* For the record, I really just mean any smartphone. I just happen to have an iPhone.
** Wayne started freaking out over this statement at around here, even though he knew I hadn’t finished the sentence, because it sounded like we had broken up. We didn’t.
*** Pretty sure Simon will freak out about here over the fact that Wayne let me wander around NYC alone and without a tracking device. Simon has no faith in my ability to find my way home, and I completely understand that.


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