(Finally) Photographs of macarons from Michel’s Patisserie

February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Valentine’s Day came one day early for me! Wayne listened to my very subtle hints* and surprised me with not one, but TWO boxes of macarons! The first box was a box of regular, round macarons. The second box contained heart shaped macarons! And, I must say, the second box of heart shaped macarons was a complete surprise because I was only hoping for one box of macarons.

I’ve written a couple times about how I think Michel’s Patisserie produces the best macarons in DC (please go here and here) but I haven’t been able to provide photographs of the macarons because I was always too eager to bite into one of the macarons that I could never get a photograph with a full box. Usually by the time I realized that I should find the camera, there are more crumbs than there are macarons. But! This time! I remembered! AND! Had just enough self-control to take several images before rewarding myself with the heart shaped red velvet macaron! I use several exclamation points to demonstrate just how much of an impressive feat it is for me, because it really, really is.

These wrapped boxes contain jewel-colored confectioneries that I desired more than actual jewelry.

Beautifully colored, traditionally-shaped macarons

Heart shaped macarons for Valentine's Day

Up close and personal with the red velvet macaron, whole and half-eaten



*… Okay, fine, I know that anyone who remotely knows me knows that I cannot be subtle or tactful. I tried to be respectful and tactful one time that I can remember in my life: when Cheng’s hamster, Poofy, died. I was the first roommate to come home and find Poofy’s body half on her wheel as if she thought her day was going to be completely normal and she would just pop by the gym when she died. I panicked. This was my first death where I would have to break the news to someone. I wanted to be nice. I tried to be tactful and told Cheng that Poofy wouldn’t be waking up for a long time, which just ended up confusing her because it sounded as if I told her that Poofy was just taking a nap in a very awkward and uncomfortable place in her cage. At first, she didn’t realize I was trying to tell her that her hamster had died. When I say subtleness is usually lost on me because something tends to get lost in the translation from Jenny-speak to regular English. So, when I say that I gave Wayne “very subtle hints”, I really mean that I would pull up images of macarons, point at the screen, and whine loudly like this Shiba Inu.


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