New Year’s Resolutions

January 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m not late to the game for making new year resolutions now; my timing is nicely squished between the New Years where there is a lot of drinking and kissing at midnight and the New Years where there is a lot of eating and distribution of red envelopes. I brought in the New Year with an actually pretty fitting combination of cosmic bowling, Dunkin Donuts munkins, and some 90’s throwback Crash Bandicoot, because we spent the holiday with Wayne’s family in New Jersey, a land where instead of there being Starbucks on every corner, there is a Dunkin Donuts, and my darling boy who loves a good beer and a good time unfortunately fell in love with a girl who loves any type of chocolate over a alcoholic drink and has an internal bedtime of 10:30 PM. Most Friday evenings when my favorite honeybear isn’t in town because she’s slaving away in dental school, Wayne covers me with a blanket and turns on the Food Network before he goes out drinking with his friends and I fall asleep to “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”. Someone somewhere is chuckling.

New Years Resolutions:
1. Cook good, wholesome food — It’s not necessarily that Wayne and I were unhealthy eaters before, but we did go out to eat much more often, and there were nights when there were no vegetables on the table and we forgot to eat our fruits. There were also nights when we were especially lazy and called for Pizza Hut, Wayne’s current favorite because it is literally down the street from us so he get so amused at the thought of being able to order the pizza online and having it show up just minutes later. The goal here is to have a moderate serving of one type of protein, incorporate large servings of vegetables in to lunches and dinners and fruit after dinner. I realize that white rice is usually the most unhealthy thing of our home-cooked meals, which I guess is actually a good thing to say, so in addition, I’ve cut out white rice from the meals since Wayne was raised eating only a small amount rice while eating a lot of dishes instead anyways. Though I guess I should point out that even with all this new mindful eating, we still have a Santa-box filled with Ghirardelli chocolate squares so that I can get my chocolate fix.
2. Exercise four times a week — I used to have a good combination of being active and lazy during college since I went to the gym every day and walked everywhere while also spending my free time lounging in bed watching Burn Notice and Doctor Who; occasionally I would have two weeks of furious drawing and painting that took the place of lounging. Now with living in a place that actually has discernible seasons– and being very afraid of the cold–, the idea of being active has been shoved into a closet, door closed and locked with a sumo wrestler sitting on top of a heavy trunk in front. Meanwhile, it is being reminisced about fondly and with that feeling of something vaguely important being misplaced.  This is my attempt at trying to be more active during the winter months since the spring, summer, and fall months will be easy.
3. Visit each of my favorite girls in the city she is spending the most time in — This one should have been the easiest of the resolutions except Shabad threw me a curveball and now resides in Knoxville, TN, a place with very good barbecue, fried butter, and bad sushi. Last year, I nearly visited each girl in her city: while I did get to see Momo during my LA trip, I wasn’t able to visit her in Las Vegas, where she works. Visiting Shabad was a breeze since she lived in Philadelphia, but even though she lives in Knoxville, I still need to visit Philadelphia because now Wynee goes there for dental school.
4. Call Simon — He’s the only guy friend whom I’ve given a nickname and the first person I have to tell if I ever get engaged. I will never stop being amazed that he survived high school with me calling him my best friend. I should call him a lot more. Or text, because I’m starting to wonder who calls people any more.

Scavenger Hunt! (One-time goals):
1. Go hiking in Great Falls (Maryland side) without getting schooled by a black and white Maltese.
2. Go to Disneyland and get the couple’s picture in front of Cinderella’s castle
3. Go to Paulette in Beverly Hills to buy macarons
4. Attempt making macarons properly
5. Make use of the actual reason I joined Twitter in the first place and go food truck hunting in LA
6. Find a place in the States where I can get Sakura Matcha Kit Kats without having to call in a favor from my aunt who lives in Japan. While calling my aunt would probably be the easiest, I want a source where I can walk in, buy a year’s worth, and walk out without any shame. I’m hoping to find them the next time I visit Marukai or Mitsuwa, which unfortunately won’t be any time soon.
7. Sign up for a cooking class at Sur La Table


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