December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have always loved Spanish food since my foodie friend in LA asked me to dinner and eat tapas with her– she hated the culture and people in LA and comforted herself with good food so she always knew the best places to go; she now happily resides in Wisconsin and is attending medical school. I especially love the bright, saturated colors of the dishes and that the flavors are complex and bold.  The food tastes as richly comforting as home cooking to a homesick college student subsisting on cafeteria food and late night drive-throughs. For my 24th birthday, Wayne took me to Bodega in Georgetown to celebrate with bacon-wrapped fried dates, garlicky shrimp, mussels, and squid ink seafood paella, paired with a pitcher of sangria.

Fried dates wrapped in bacon

Sautéed Shrimp in Garlic, Piri-Piri & Olive Oil

Mussels in a white wine, garlic, and parsley sauce

Squid Ink "Black" Paella with Braised Baby Octopus, Squid & Scallops

White wine sangria

The happy couple!


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