December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

On moving for love:
Jenny: For the sake of our relationship, please refrain from looking into jobs that are located in Southeast Asia–exception of Singapore–, Alaska, Iceland, Ireland, ALL of Africa, ALL of South America, ALL of the Middle East, and Russia. I mean, I’ll move there but you definitely owe me an orange cat then.
Wayne: Hahahaha. Don’t worry.
Jenny: Not like Garfield-ugly. A cute orange one. That purrs.
Wayne: All cats purr!
Jenny: …Purrs more! Noticeable purring! Like “Dude what is that buzzing noise? Is the neighbor mowing his lawn at THIS hour? …Oh. It’s the cat” noticeable purring.

Some notes:
I’m sure all the places that I’ve listed as places I don’t want to live are actually quite lovely– I really don’t doubt that–, but the area’s climate is a HUGE factor in whether or not I want to live in a place permanently or just visit. Obviously, I don’t always get my way– especially since I’m only happy between the temperatures of 70F to 80F with low humidity and few clouds–, so people of the rest of the world, I’m sorry that your part of the world is either too cold or too hot for me; I will visit with a parka or bikini. Though, Iraq, I’ll see you in …maybe twenty, thirty years? No offense.

Since fifth grade, I’ve always wanted an orange tabby cat that I could name Copernicus, because I always thought it would be fitting to name an orange cat after the father of the heliocentric model of our solar system. I was kind of a nerd back then. Now I’m just a geek who is torn over which Doctor Who I should like.


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