July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes I get this feeling that all the loving people in my life like to tag-team babysit me. Every spring break at USC, I stayed in LA. And every spring break, I always had one or two roommates ask their guy friends or boyfriends to check in on me occasionally, or just straight up babysit me. Even now when I’ve graduated and am currently away from my old roommates, there will always be someone I love who worries that I won’t be able to sleep alone. This was clearly demonstrated in a conversation with my mom earlier today:

Mom: So I was wondering if you wanted to come home to sleep since Wayne is leaving tonight and going to be gone a couple days? That way you won’t be lonely.
Me: …But aren’t you, Dad, and D (nickname for my little brother– just so you know, neither his American first name nor his Chinese first name begin with a “D”) leaving in the early morning to go to China?…For a month?
Mom: Oh, right. Will you get scared sleeping alone? Call a friend and have her sleep over.
Me: I think I’ll be okay, Mom.

While others might think this conversation would be annoying if they were to have it with their moms, I thought it was really sweet.


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