Sick, again

February 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

“It’s true love if you’re still willing to kiss each other when sick.” –Emily

For the record, I’d really like to know how I managed to get sick by not moving for a week. In my head, the story goes something like this: I was so preoccupied with watching little Shiba Inu puppies trample over each other in an effort to get comfortable and fall asleep that I didn’t move very much, if at all, for the majority of the past week (due to the combination of record snowfall and DC’s inability to handle any winter precipitation beyond snow flurries that immediately melt upon touching surface, most places were either closed or operating with only essential employees). All the little germs of the world saw that their moving target stopped moving so they decided to move-in uninvited and definitely unannounced. I’m sure there’s a bustling town. Or maybe a city. Maybe they are so well established that their own Duane Reade is being bought out by Walgreens as well.

During this time, my boyfriend has been really sweet with caring for me: making tea, cooking dinner, and sitting still for hours at a time while I pass out in his lap in my sicken stupor in really ungraceful positions because he knows I like being close to him when I’m sick (Full disclosure: He was playing Modern Warfare 2 while I napped). Unfortunately for him, just as my internal city of bacteria is being attacked my version of Godzilla (antibiotics) and I’m starting to feel better, he’s falling ill.



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