Keep Fishin’

September 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

On dating the wrong guy; is it us or them?:
M: Yes, I can hook them, but, once I do, I let them go, even if i have to rip them off.
Jenny: Hmm. How come you yank them off the hook?
M: Because after living a miserable couple of minutes in the stale water of my bucket, I’d have to kill it, skin it, bone it, bread it, and then deep fry it. And I don’t even like fish… the smell…But I like the moment when I realize something’s on my line.
M: It’s ok. It’s a very funny and inappropriate metaphor.
Jenny: That made me a little hungry. You haven’t met a guy who actually is at your standards so I personally think it’s great they become fish and chips with malt vinegar.


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