February 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

While I was sitting at the dining room table with my laptop, I heard Chengyee’s song that she sings when she is in a happy-go-lucky mood as she and Edwin were walking down the hallway outside the apartment to come home. Edwin is a modest guy who is not horribly comfortable with my lounging around in a towel after I shower. To him, it’s still the equivalent of my being naked.

Me: [on hearing Chengyee’s happy-go-lucky song of “do do do dooo” outside decides to give warning of my being in a towel] I AM NAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEED!
Chengyee: [to Edwin in the hallway] Jenny’s naked.
Edwin: Really? How do you know?
Chengyee: Who else would be naked?
Andrea and Michelle: [overhear my naked warning and scream back from their respective bedrooms on opposite sides of the apartment] YAY! NAKED!
Greg: [cowers due to all the sudden screaming]


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