Spring Cleaning

February 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

After being gone for the day, Chengyee and Edwin walk into the apartment and see a FINALLY clean living room without the piles of strewn paper, mail, and books, randomly placed bags of plastic bottles for recycling, weeks of empty take-out containers and an empty dining room table with the exception of my laptop, my painting supplies, and my sketchbook. The apartment has not been this clean since we came back from winter break. I have also moved from my usual seat at the head of the dining room table to a seat on the right side of the table.

Edwin: Something feels different…
Chengyee: Yeah…why does it feel different?
Edwin and Chengyee: …
Edwin: OH! The apartment’s clean!
Chengyee: Oooh!….Wait, something still feels different.
Edwin: Yeah, the apartment is clean!
Me: Yeah! It hasn’t been clean for months!
Chengyee: [looking genuinely puzzled and slightly agitated] No…something still feels different.
Me and Edwin: …
Chengyee: Oh! Jenny’s moved!
Edwin: …?!
Me: That’s what you noticed?!


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