Shooting things

February 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Me: So how was your day shooting things?
Edwin: Oh, it was fun! I’ll give you a heads up next time.
Me: Oh, no thanks; I’m a pacifist.
Chengyee: Yeah so? I’m a pacifist but I still do it. I’m not shooting anything live. No small animals! Guns don’t kill people; people kill people!
Me: Oh! Eddie Izzard!
Edwin: I don’t see how pacifism has to do with shooting guns.
Me: I don’t like violence. Or guns. Or any weapons.
Edwin and Chengyee: Eh…okay. [drops subject and bumble around the kitchen preparing something to eat]

Ten minutes later…
Edwin: [suddenly looks up from preparing dinner] Wait! Jenny is a pacifist?!
Me: Why is that so weird?
Edwin: It’s not…It’s just not what I would immediately think of. Like, Andrea…pacifist. Mo (Michelle)…not at all a pacifist. Jenny……hmmm… And it wouldn’t occur to me until later when someone throws a roll of toilet paper at me– Oh! Jenny! Pacifist!
Me and Chengyee: [stare at Edwin in silent and confused disbelief while trying to imagine why Edwin would be pelted with a rolls of toilet paper]


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