Lunchtime Conversations

February 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

On my attention span:
Chengyee: So, what were you and Diana talking about earlier?
Me: …Eh?
Chengyee: When I was looking at my application (to graduate school)?
Me: …Eh? I have the attention span of a peanut.
Chengyee: [a two-second delay after I started speaking] …attention span of a peanut.
Me: I aspire to be a cashew.
Chengyee: …?! Why specifically a cashew? Out of all the other nuts?
Me: I think they taste the best.

On elementary school crushes:
Me: [shows Michelle a picture of my first grade crush] This is my first grade crush.
Michelle: Wow…I didn’t start having crushes until I was like…in the third grade. And even then, it was that confused feeling… where you just want to hit them all the time.
Chengyee: [abruptly stops munching on her corn on the cob] What?!
Me: [laughing so hard that I had to grip the dining room table to keep from falling over]
Michelle: What? You guys didn’t feel that way..?
Me: I was nice to mine!
Michelle: [pouts] I didn’t know I was the only one…

On more efficient ways to get to campus (even though we live one block away from campus):
Chengyee: I wish I had a catapult. That way, I would accurately set it so that I could just catapult myself from City Park (our apartment building) to VKC (the building her class was in) or any other building on campus. No walking, no biking, no driving!
Me: It’d be like flying!
Chengyee: The bad thing is that I think other people would copy my idea, and then I would end up hitting someone in mid-air.


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