Making Bail

December 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

The thing about my friendships with Simon, Naomi, and Chengyee is that these three have seen me at my worst, my best, my daily ridiculousness and are still willing to not only to stay my best friends but also be seen in public with me. I think the most comforting thing in the world, the one thing that will always settle my mind so that I can sleep at night is knowing that even after all the outrageous comments that I’ve said, the ridiculous and very awkward situations I’ve created for myself, and the random, nonsequitar whims that I have, I can call on any of the three at 3 AM and they’ll be willing to help bail me out of jail for public nudity and any other questionable things that I’m quite capable of getting into trouble for doing, and a couple weeks later they’ll still be my friends so that we can laugh about that one time Jenny got herself in nose-deep of trouble. Granted this hasn’t happened yet, but it’s nice to know.

So, thank you for always being my friends.


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