Little Accomplishments

December 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

This is the first year that I haven’t hopped a plane with too many pieces of clothing that I probably won’t wear in tow immediately after my finals are taken. With airplane ticket prices higher across the board, I’m taking the cheapest ticket possible, which has my landing in Dulles late 26th. While I miss seeing my parents, I have to admit that I am thoroughly enjoying the extra free time to myself, which I’ve spent essentially on doing absolutely nothing.

So far today, I have:

1. Gone to the grocery store with my roommate. (To which Simon has been screaming as hard as possible in hopes that maybe I’ll hear him in my little, arguably not as dangerous, part of South Central: “You’re coming home in less than a week STOP GETTING FOOD!”)
2. Taped up my bedroom windowpane. My roommate, with her awesome force from her former martial arts training, accidentally smashed the windowpane in her attempt to close it. It was beautiful, invoking a feeling that it would be Hokusai’s interpretation of the sun. However, the cracks in the window let the winter air (stop laughing) in and made me cold, so I taped it up with duct tape. And now it looks like a five year old’s interpretation of the sun, in gray.
3. Gone to the gym. After my abdominal exercises, I hopped on the treadmill. The first 45 minutes were perfectly fine and dandy until I decided to take a break from my obsession and stop watching The Food Network and switched to watching Bill Engvall on Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again. Within five minutes, I was laughing so hard that I choked on the water I was drinking, lost my balance, and fell down. The sad thing is that after I got up and recovered, I ran the rest of my run while still watching his performance. Now my body aches. Was it worth? OH YES.


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