December 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Reason why my roommate is pretty awesome:

We can have at least three different conversations going on all at once with each other in three different mediums: instant messenger, email (I use AIM on my gmail so that I can alleviate my constant need to check my email), and air (because we sit across the dining room table from each other with our laptops). The number of conversations sometimes grows to four or five topics at one time if we talk about two completely unrelated topics at the same time in person; for example: the questionable fashion choices we see around campus* and why when my farts are starting to smell is a good thing.

*= USC girls, in their quest to be oh so fashion forward, all look the same with their UGG boots that resemble the feet of Teletubbies, unbelievably dull and oddly expensive Longchamp bags, and jersey single-color skirts with elastic waistbands that before this season only old ladies past 60 years of age would wear in public.


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