December 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Two of the many silly thoughts that run around rambunctiously in my head during finals (and sometimes when I yawn, they escape my lips, defiantly stumble out and proudly display themselves to my roommates who think that my comments further prove their conclusion that I am like Jeff from Coupling but with a better sex life) :

1. I suddenly like apples! I’ve never voluntarily eaten an apple in my life unless it was in a pie. I’ve only eaten apples when I lost the staring contests with my dad– if I won, I got ice cream instead.

2. And after tasting twenty flavors of tea– I was on a quest– I’ve finally come to the conclusions that I really don’t like earl grey tea; I can’t stand tea with milk; and I only like jasmine green tea or peach black tea, both with either none at all or a lot of honey. I had a roommate who would make my tea with a “bear’s head equivalent” of honey because she knew I have a sweet tooth that rivals, teases, and beats up the sweet tooth of a five year old’s. She actually kept a larger bottle of honey to refill the honeybear-shaped bottle so she could get the right measurement each time.


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