Ice Skating

December 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Since my roommates and I have finals on my birthday, Dec 15, we pushed the celebrations to this Thursday.
I decided that I really wanted to go ice skating.
None of us have gone ice skating before.
I am the most klutzy person I know, and I bruise so easily– I wish I were a peach. My battles with gravity– I have fallen down when just standing in place on level surface–, hard surfaces– I wake up bruised more mornings than not because of my silly antics the previous day–, and walls– I don’t seem to have good depth perception because I will bump shoulders with walls when trying to walk through a door— have been well documented in my previous entries along with my freak accidents, such as when I sprained my ankle trying to stand up, bruising the ball of my foot with the heel of my high heel in an unfortunate jump, accidentally putting hydrochloric acid in my eye, papercutting my several of my fingers at a restaurant and, subsequently, fainting from the shock of receiving the papercuts.
It’s kind of amazing that I am still alive while living outside of a plastic bubble.
So when people ask me after my ice skating adventure on Thursday why I am so blue and purple, I’ll proudly tell them: “Oh man, you should have seen the other guy. I’m your little Asian fists of fury!”


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