Your Eggo is Preggo

December 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

Since classes have ended last week, I have gone into “Finals-mode”.
It is not at all studious.
It really just consists of my waking up at either 6 am or noon (there’s no in-between, apparently) thinking that it is Sunday regardless of the fact that I have been thinking that it is Sunday from the past four days– I was only right on one of those days.
I eat lots and lots of junk food that I never thought of touching during the semester– I eat like a pregnant woman with twins.
And I debate between going to the gym or coasting on my metabolism.
Ultimately, I tell myself that I really should study and then continue to inhale my bag of Reese’s miniatures which I’ll follow with creamed spinach and caramel popcorn and dried seaweed strips.
Later on, I’ll probably bake a pie just to distract myself from further studying.


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