November 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

On shopping at Target for three hours:
Cheng-yee: “Jenny…Maybe we should go home; I don’t think this will all fit in my car…”

On discussing Chengyee’s boyfriend’s leaving this Sunday for Spain:
Me: Cheng-yee, I could grow an extra foot (height) and pretend to be Edwin.
Edwin: Why am I being compared to a foot (appendage)?!
Cheng-yee: …?! She’s talking about “foot” as in height! Not the limb!! Why would you think the limb?!
Edwin: OHHHH!…It’s Jenny– anything goes with her!

On my spending New Year’s Eve with Simon and his family:
Simon: I just got this email from my mom: “I read your email one more time and love the idea of Jenny spending NY with crazy Russians ;-P It will be very interesting experiment. ”
Me: “very interesting experiment”?
Simon: Yep. 20 Russians. 1 tiny Chinese girl. Who will win? My money’s on you.


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